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Hunza Tea (for diabetic & Arthritis Patient)

Hunza Tea (for diabetic & Arthritis Patient)

Ingredients: 4 glasses of water 6 mint leaves 6 basil leaves 4 cardamom 1 cinammon stick 20g ginger 20g jaggeryTake four glasses of water in sauce pan and add all the ingredients in it. Allow it to boil. Then low the flame and cover it with lid. After 10 minutes your...

UMM ALI “Arabian Sweet” Basic Recipe

UMM ALI “Arabian Sweet” Basic Recipe

Ingredients: 1. 1 cup pistachio 2. 1 cup almonds(boiled) 3. 1 cup raisins 4. 4 slices of white bread 5. 2 cup milk (or little more according to consistency) 6. ¼ cup sugar 7. ½ cup condensed milk 8. ¼ tsp vanilla essence 9. 300ml fresh cream (heavy)Procedure: Step 1#...

Names of Heaven Mentioned in Quran

Names of Heaven Mentioned in Quran

 إِنَّ الْمُتَّقِينَ فِي مَقَامٍ أَمِينٍ    "Surely the pious will be in a place of peace" If we open the Holy Qur'an, then from Surah Al-Fatihah to Al-Nas, Allah, the Lord of the worlds, has mentioned Paradise in many places. He has mentioned its various names. I am...

Rules of Life to Become Successful!

Rules of Life to Become Successful!

Hazrat Imam Ibn Jawzi narrated in his book that there was a great teacher named Sheikh ShakiQaq al-Balkhi.  One of his disciple, whose name was Hatim, appeared in the service of The Hatim Sheikh one day and the Sheikh asked his disciple :Hatim, how many years have you...

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